Do It Again


Dixie Phillips, Jim Davis, Kristi Fitzwater, Bev Herrema

Verse 1:

I woke up in the mornin’ and faced the enemy

He backed me in a corner of my own Red Sea

It was looking kinda chilly; mighty deep and wide

But I’m countin’ on God my Father to part the waters right on time, Cuz….


I know (yes, I know) He can do it again (He can do it again)

He’s a way-maker, a trailblazer, I can put my trust in Him

He was faithful back then, faithful right now, and His mercies never end

And I know (yes, I know) He can do it again (do it again)

Verse 2:

He proved at Jericho He had the upper hand

He turned a wilderness into a Promised Land

When trouble comes a knockin’ I get up and go

To my God who has the answers He still does miracles


I was down, He lifted me up

I’ve found His grace to be more than enough

We have a history; there’s no doubt what He can do

Cause time after time, I have seen God move

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