Dream Big



Jon Azzarello


Looking up into the country sky

Stars were shining bright that night

I can still hear my grandpa gently say

“If I could do it all again

I’d turn this big world outside in

At least I’d go out tryin’ anyway”

Each hear-felt word that left his lips

Hit me like a ton of bricks

“There’s more to this old life than meets the eye”

(He said) “Make a difference where you can

And soon you’ll see God’s mighty hand;

So before you’re life can pass you by”…


Dream big, reach far

And picture the impossible inside your heart

Be strong, hold on tight

To the faith that makes the mountain move

When there’s no hope in sight

Learn to love along the way

Give as much as you can take

So with every passing day

Dream Big


There’s a star that’s shining in your eyes

But you have come to realize

A dream is all that it will ever be

But the maker of the stars that shine

He’s a real close friend of mine

He can do far more than you can dream

Sand is falling now’s the time

Here is the one shot you get at this life

Don’t let fear of losing hold you down

There’s a chance you have to take

It’s a choice, a step of faith

Miracles are waiting for you now


And when you’ve reached the point of no more turning back

Remember obstacles will arise

There are no limits to the dreams that you can dream

Through heaven’s eyes, through heavens eyes

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