Faith Moves The Heart Of God

Verse I:

His body plagued with leprosy

Naaman felt so hopeless – he

Felt like his life was over as he knew it

A message from the man of God

Said dip in Jordan and be washed

He didn’t understand and he tried to reason through it

Yet he knew somehow he had to do it



Faith moves the heart of God

So if you’re in need

And pain is all you know

You’ve gotta believe

And cry out to the Father

Try out the waters in faith

‘Cause faith moves the heart of God


Verse II:

When he came up the seventh time

His flesh was like a little child

He knew beyond a doubt he’d been delivered

All those scars had disappeared

And suddenly it was so clear

The healing didn’t flow from the banks of that old river

It came straight from the hand of the faith giver



Faith isn’t faith until you use it

Whatever you face

You will come through it

God will see you through it

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