Happy With My Jesus


Snappin’ to the rhythm of a beat that’s never endin’

Yes it is a happy song

Clappin to the timin of the lyric and the rhythm

Of a message goin’ on and on

I’m captivated overwhelmed by a wonderful beautiful sound

And I cannot keep inside the joy I found



I’m so happy with my Jesus it’s simply unexplainable

Undeniable indescribable you can’t contain this uncontainable

Feelin’ that I’m feelin’ and I’m hopin’ my life is revealing

That I’m happy so happy with my Jesus



I’m lovin’ every minute when I’m lettin’ Jesus in it

And I’m lettin’ Him lead the way

It’s good to be a livin’ and know that I’m forgiven

And I’m walkin’ in a sunny day

I’m saved and still amazed by His marvelous glorious grace

And I just can’t wipe this smile off of my face


Words & Music

Matthew Browder, Phil Cross

Browder House Music, Phil Cross Music, Chris White Music / BMI

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