I’ll Fly Away


Everyday they wonder, how do we press on

Many people are confounded as we keep on singing a happy song

The life of faith is a mystery to the wisest man

But all is great … When you’re doing life on Heavens plan

I’m gonna keep believing my Bible line by line

I know the ending I’m leaving this world behind

I’m leaving this world behind



I’m keeping my eyes … on the Eastern sky

Watching and waiting with my faith in one Jesus Christ

I lift up my heart there is no fear or dread

Standing on the promise that He brought us when the Master said

Someday I’ll fly away



I am not constrained by a temporary plan

I am trusting the eternal one and resting in His righteous hand

I cannot be moved from the fortress from the mighty tower

I have been rescued by the blood, the wonder working power

By grace I’m standing, His Spirit stands in me

By faith I’m planning a marvelous destiny a marvelous destiny


Words & Music

Phil Cross, Steven Cheney


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