Man Upstairs


There’s a man upstairs and I know He cares and I know His name is Jesus

Came to Earth in Bethlehem Emmanuel God is with us

Did a perfect life sight to the blind gave everything that He’s got

There’s a man upstairs and I know He cares it’s Jesus Son Of God



I’ve heard ‘em say and it’s a mistake they’re gonna take it to the man upstairs

They don’t know Him nothin’ about Him or they wouldn’t call Him just a guy up there

I know the man they’re talking about He is my savior and He brought me out

He is my best friend this is my claim and I even call Him by name



Let’s take the time to say it right He is the Light the truth and the way

The star of the morning the thief without warning soon that is coming to take us away

He is the lamb and He is the king He’s the redeemer the song that we sing

He is the worthy one I will praise forever and all of my days

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