MIghty River



Cover me by your blood

I need to bathe in the water of your forgiveness

For this ol’ flesh of mine, has fallen once again

In this current Lord I know

There’s refreshment for my soul

So I’m gonna  soak for a while

Until I find my self in You




Mighty river always free

Let it flow to my soul

Puttin’ it all in me

I’m steppin’ in, In over my head —  completely- change me forever

Be my savior, mighty river





Once again on my own

I know that I am in the desert, and I am thirsty

With an empty cup, I  return to you

I’m a beggar  fill my spirit, like you’ve done before

And on the banks of grace, I’ll make this place my home





Mighty river, flow river

I will never lose my way, in the Mighty R I V E R !  (repeat2)

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