Waiting For You To Get Home


The first day of kindergarten a big yellow bus arrived

Little Johnny hugged his daddy’s neck before he climbed inside

Dad knew he had to tell him son it’s gonna be ok

So He said some words to help him through the day



You’ll be fine I will see you soon

You are mine I’m so proud you

You’ll do great go on be brave and strong

I’ll be waiting for you to get home



Down the road John joined the army the big jet had a just arrived

Now they’re standing at the airport dreading that goodbye

His dad then reassured him with words he’d heard before

And this time it would take him through a war



After months of fighting cancer the expected time arrived

Johnny was called in to try to say goodbye

His dad could barely whisper but he just had to speak

He said “son remember this before I leave”


Words and Music

Phil Cross, Matthew Browder

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