He Is


He is the savior

He is the king

Alpha omega

Lord of everything

He is almighty

The lion and the lamb

He is The Great I Am


Verse I:

The one who holds us in his arms

Holds the stars in space

The one who covers all the world

Covers us with grace

A thousand years could not contain

The greatness of our God

A million voices can’t explain

The measure of His love


Verse II:

The One who calms the raging sea

Is the One who calms our fears

The very one who brings the rain

Is the one who holds our tears

He’s bigger than the universe

Matchless is His name

He was and is and is to come

Let all the earth proclaim



He is righteous

He is victorious

He is Holy

He’s more than glorious


Asheville Music Publishing / BMI

Chris White Music / BMI

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