Face Of Grace

The Face of Grace


Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips

Chris White Music / Asheville Music Publishing / BMI


Grace’s heart was in a million pieces

One Sunday at an altar she met Jesus

She found the Father she’d always wanted

And when asked she responded,

“You’re looking at the face of grace.”


The face of grace

Is all over this place

On every row, in every pew

Are lives that have been made new

Shame has been erased

By Love’s embrace

You’re looking at the face of grace.


I tried to hide my story most all my life

My painful secrets didn’t take God by surprise

My scars may remind me where I’ve been

But they can’t tell me where I’m goin’

You’re looking at the face of grace


The most bitter circumstance

Doesn’t  have a chance

Grace redeems

Every painful thing

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